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Imagine the Possibilities…We are often called upon to perform magic during times we least expect. Today's spectators have proven to be more difficult to fool than ever before. Chase the Ace is the illusion you can take wherever you go.

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This classic mind-boggling swindle can now be learned and performed in a matter of minutes! The effect is simple, clean and virtually self-working. Three cards are openly displayed on both sides--two red aces (the loser cards) and the Ace of Spades (the winner). But, no matter how slowly and fairly the cards are shown, the Ace of Spades repeatedly vanishes, from right in front of the spectator's eyes, only to reappear in the most unlikely of places! After the surprise finish, the cards are automatically reset and you are instantly ready for your next performance…and the next…and the next. You will want to use this miracle all the time! Daryl – the gold medal winning, World Champion, magician has reworked the handling for this effect so that the entire routine is really easy to remember and even easier to perform. Also, unlike other variations of this effect, the Ace of Hearts acts as a "pointer" card eliminating the danger of accidentally exposing the secret method. Ultra Monte comes complete with a detailed performance and explanation DVD by Daryl – The Magician's Magician, the special poker size, Bicycle Rider backed, cards (printed exclusively for Daryl by the U.S. Playing Card Company) and easy to follow printed instructions. As an extra bonus - the entire DVD explanation was shot "over the shoulder" (from the magician's point of view) to make learning the routine as easy as possible. So, why is this Ultra Monte so much better than the other Three Card Monte variations? Comes complete with a professionally produced performance/explanation DVD. Includes genuine poker size Bicycle Rider backed cards The more prominent and dramatic Ace of Spades is used as the winner card. The Ace of Hearts acts as a "pointer" card to avoid accidental exposure. Includes one sheet of easy to follow instructions with 8 crystal clear photographs. There is no question about it; this is truly one of the very best values in magic! *SOLD FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY "If you've always wanted to perform Three-Card Monte but found the sleight-of-hand daunting, Daryl's excellent Ultra-Monte offers a relatively easy, gimmicked-based version….Daryl offers a powerful and entertaining routine that's effectively taught via DVD and written instructions. For a good, no-sleight version of the Monte, you can look to Daryl's Ultra-Monte." "Difficulty: Only toddlers should have difficulty with this one!! The instructions are fairly simple to follow and you should be performing this with confidence after a few practices…Cue rapturous applause, some bloke you've never met buys you a drink and that fit barmaid asks you to wait around for her shift finish. Cheap, quality, effective card magic from a man we all admire. 5/5" "If you are looking for a "no-sleight" method to perform Monte, then pick this up. Highly Recommended.”--The Linking Ring.

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A simplified version of Michael Skinners "Ultimate 3 Card Monte" using the two red aces for the losing cards and the ace of spades as the "money card."  In addition to using the more standard Monte cards (as opposed to an ace, two, and a three), the ace o
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