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From the mind of Sean Fields, Hidden Hand is a brand new utility device that allows for stunning vanishes and productions. With NO sleights necessary, you will be able to manipulate items within minutes of learning this
A card disappears from within the fold of a banknote! Borrow a $1 note from a spectator, fold it in two and then slip a playing card into the fold. The card protrudes about 1.5 cm from each side of the folded note. Hold the
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In 1998, a group of magicians known as the "Evil Five" published a parody of Magic Magazine. This is an entire 95-page magazine designed to look like Magic Magazine but it is oooh so different. Every single page, photo,

Who'd have thought PRISN could be so much fun? Do you find humor in animal cruelty, eating disorders, terrorism, masturbation, menstruation, sadism, masochism, French people, hearing/speech impairment, poor dental

Ron uses the format of both older and newer magic magazines to present you with new and original magic you will enjoy and want to learn. In 152, 8-1/2" by 11" pages, Ron presents 43 new tricks, 15 articles, 272 illustrations, and seven full-page magic ma

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