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On Monday, November 11, 2019 at 7 p.m., Midwest Magic is proud to present...

Patrick Redford (aka: George Tait)

He's Baaaaaaaack!
George Tait a.k.a: PATRICK REDFORD is returning to Chicago for a lecture that should not be missed!
He is known throughout the magic community for both his mentalism and his magic.  His 2016 book Applesauce containing a slew of impromptu impossibilities sold nearly 10,000 units world wide.  His work on the memorized deck took the world by storm a few years later with the relese of Temporarily Out of Order.  The Redford Stack forever changed how people think about the potential of the stacked and memorized deck.  He has been seen on tour with Master of Illusion, worked behind the scenes on the Illusionists, and may be seen currently with the show What!? Two Magicians Telling the Truth along side Keith Fields.
Patrick will feature some of his favorite real-world working mentalism, card effects and coin work.  Whether you're a professional of casual practitioner, you'll walk away from this lecture with material you'll use.
Coin workers will be delighted with Patrick's wonderful coin material.  He will demonstrate and teach his highly acclaimed multi-phase matrix routine called "Error 404".
Learn how to take away the ability for perform a simple task from a participant only to give it back moments later.
Become a human lie detector and discover which one of four people are holding a $100.00 bill AND which hand it is in without any gimmicks...EVERY TIME!
Card workers will rejoice in learning Patrick's impossible looking card control that's fooled some of the most knowlegable minds in magic--as well as some select pieces using the "Redford Stack".
There is so much more packed into this evening's lecture, you won't wany to miss it!
Tickets are $20--as always, seating in order of reservation, so call or stop by soon to reserve your seat!

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