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On Sunday, June 2 at 2 p.m., 2019, Midwest Magic is proud to present...

John "Handsome Jack" Lovick

Los Angeles based magician, John Lovick, is a performer, writer, and theater director who teaches magic at the University of Southern California.  As his not-so-secret alter ego, "Handsome Jack", her performs regularly at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he won the Parlour Magician of the Year Award in 2016.  I have seen him perform several times and always look forward to the next!  He is an exceptionally entertaining performer!

Recently, he appeared on Penn & Teller's "FooL Us", where he fooled them with a classic sleight performed exceptionally well under the cover of a clear and hilarious premise--a blance he has used both in his books and lectures for many years.

His lecture will focus on material that can be done in both Close-Up and Stand-Up settings. 

All of these routines are from his working repertoire...this is not a lecture of pipe dreams or vague is material YOU WILL USE!  John will be teachjing his handling of the "$100 Bill Switch" (he wrote the definitive book on the subject), his famous Bottle Production. "That's My Ring!", "Win A Date Lotto", and the popular "My Dream of Mindreading".  He will also share some valuable ideas about performance, character, and scripting.

Tickets are $25, and if purchased in ADVANCE of the day of the lecture, will include, absolutely FREE, a $5 Gift Certificate to Midwest Magic--as always, seating in order of reservation, so stop by soon!

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