HOLD ON! Midwest Magic is moving! Yup...after over 25 years, we will NO LONGER BE IN FRANKLIN PARK, IL. In view of this overwhelming undertaking, we WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ORDERS until our new site is ready. We hope to be back up to speed as soon as possible, and in the mean time, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Thanks!
Midwest Magic



And with those words the philosophy of a magic store was born.

Most businesses find their mission statement to be something written down and then ignored, but not Midwest Magic. Owner Tim Felix has taken his decades of magic and magic shop experience to make that statement very real every single day.



A buzzword that describes what Midwest Magic is NOT.  Midwest Magic is a real place, staffed by real magicians.  But more about that later, first—THE STORE!  The humble magic shop is one of the great magic classics, and Midwest Magic has one of the most complete product lines of any magic store in the country.  When Tim created his store he decided that he wanted to carry, well, EVERYTHING.  He has gotten amazingly close.  Midwest Magic stocks almost fourteen thousand different magical items in the store (and that number grows every day!).  All products (unless noted) in the Midwest Magic website catalog are ACTUALLY IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT--(and if they're not, that means they're on order).  Tim always found it a bit disingenuous (if not blatantly dishonest) for sites to advertise thousands of items THAT THEY DO NOT CARRY!  Go ahead...ask them! 

Midwest Magic is not just another Internet drop-ship company with a non-existent inventory.  JB Magic, Abbott, MAK, Magic TAO, Morrissey, El Duco, Fantasio, Titanas, Fantasma, Haines, Johnson Products, Harries, Nielsen, A-1 Multimedia, Bob Kohler Productions, U.S. Playing Card Co., Daytona, Twin Cities, Porper Originals, Fantasma, Kaufman & Co., Collector's Workshop, Tenyo, Atto, Royal, Kennedy, Magic By Gosh, Paper Crane, Theory 11, Viking-Haenchen, Tannen, Magic Inc., Tricks Co., L & L, Hermetic Press, Magic Words...and many, many more product lines are represented on the shelves at Midwest Magic.  You like playing cards?  Midwest Magic stocks almost 1500 different decks!  And for those who are looking for something hard to get or out of print, Tim has an amazing ability to find these items for you (feel free to give him a call!)



The sales staff at Midwest Magic has over 60 years of performance and magic shop experience and can answer questions with a real (not virtual) knowledge of the product.  Each one an expert in his own specialty.  Cards?  Coins?  Manipulation?  Stage?  History?  Midwest Magic either has the answer or can find it.  And, if that weren't enough, Tim has been able to create a consulting staff of professional magicians that would not be affiliated with any other magic shop in the world.

On any given day at Midwest Magic you can meet some of today’s magical “names”.  You may recognize some of the following; they have all spent time at Midwest Magic...Aaron Fisher--Abb Dickson--Al James--Al Schneider--Alain Nu--Alan Parsons--Aldo Colombini--Allan Ackerman--Andi Gladwin--Apollo Robbins--Ardan James--Arthur Tracz--Banachek--Barrie Richardson--Bill Abbott--Bill Cook--Bill Goldman--Bill Goodwin--Bill Malone--Bill Pack--Bill Weimer--Bizarro--Bob Higa--Bob Kohler--Bob Sheets--Bobby Maverick--Boris Wild--Bruce Bernstein--Carl Andrews--Celeste Evans--Chad Long--Charles Gauci--Chris Carter--Chris Randall--Chris Rawlins--Chuck Romano--Curtis Kam--Dan Fleshman--Dan Sperry--Dan 'Sylvester the Jester'--Danny Archer--Danny Orleans--David Harkey--David Kovac--David Neighbors--David Parr--David Regal--David Solomon--David Stone--David Williamson--Dennis DeBondt--'Diamond' Jim Tyler--Doc Eason--Docc Hilford--Don England--Dondrake--Duane Laflin--Eric Anderson--Eric DeCamps--Eric Mead--Eric Ross--Eugene Burger--Franz Harary--George Johnstone--Greg Rostami--Gregory Wilson--Guy Bavli--Harapan Ong--Harry Allen--Harry Monti--Jamy Ian Swiss--Jason England--Jay Marshall--Jay Sankey--Jay Scott Berry--Jeff Hobson--Jeff McBride--Jerry Newton--Jim Cellini--Jim Sisti--Jim Steinmeyer--Jimmy 'Cards' Molinari--Jimmy Krzak--Joe Howard--Joe Riding--Joel Bauer--Joel Hodgson--John Bannon--John Calvert--John Carney--John Fisher--John Gaughan--John Hopkins--John 'Handsome Jack' Lovick--John Luka--John Moehring--John Zander--Johnny Thompson--Jon Armstrong--Jon Stetson--Joshua Jay--Joshua Quinn--Justin Miller--Karl Hein--Keith Fields--Ken Benge--Ken Dyne--Ken Klosterman--Kenton Knepper--Kostya Kimlat--Kozmo--Lee Asher--Lee Jacobs--Luke Jermay--Mark Mason--Marshall Brodien--Martin Lewis--Martin Nash--Max Howard--Max Krause--Max Maven--Michael Ammar--Michael Dardant--Michael Weber--Mike Caveney--Mike Close--Mike Finney--Mike Powers--Morgan Strebler--Murray Hatfield--Murray Sawchuk--Nathan Kranzo--Norm Barnhart--Norman Beck--Paul Cummins--Paul Draper--Paul Gertner--Paul Green--Pavel--Peter Duffy--Peter Eggink--Petrick & Mia--Phil Willmarth--Pit Hartling--R. Paul Wilson--Rachel Wild--Rafael Benatar--Randy Wakeman--Ray Goulet--Richard Kaufman--Richard Sanders--Rick Maue--Ricky Jay--Robert Baxt--Robert 'Bobby' Schulien--Rod 'The Hop'--Roger Dreyer--Ron London--Ron Urban--Ross Johnson--Scott Alexander--Shawn McMaster--Simon Aronson--Stan Allen--Steve Dacri--Steve Draun--Teller--Tim Ellis & Sue-Anne Webster--Tim Wright--Tom Dobrowolski--Tomas Medina--Tony Miller--Trevor Duffy--Tyler Wilson--Wayne Houchins--Wesley James, and many, many more.  Maybe it’s time that YOU did, too!


A visit to Midwest Magic can provide a wealth of information about the great magicians of the past as well as insight into today's masters of the art.  If you live in or are planning on visiting the Chicago area, feel free to visit Midwest Magic at 9706 Franklin Av., Franklin Park, IL.  You can call us at 847-455-4288.  We are only ten minutes from O'Hare International Airport and the train from downtown Chicago stops fifty yards from our door.  We demonstrate tricks daily in the shop, have private lessons available, and post announcements of magic events you may wish to attend.  Highly recommended is the Midwest Magic "Teach-In Series”--the official magic lectures of the new millennium.  We look forward to seeing you!

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