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On Saturday, April 13 at 6 p.m., 2019, Midwest Magic is proud to present...

Scott Alexander

Scott’s name should be well-known to all of you, but if not, let me tell you a little about him. Scott’s magic has reached millions on NBC’s season six of America’s Got Talent where he advanced all the way with his large stage illusions.  With articles in People Magazine and Nations Business, the Oprah Show took notice and Scott was invited by Oprah Winfrey to make a guest appearance on her show.  He is also quite well-known on the Penguin website where he and Dan Harlan annually host a hilarious Christmas Magic special that also teaches some pretty awesome tricks.  He has many items out on the market and along with Bob Koehler offers some of the freshest and most original products for professional on the magic market today.

Scott’s lecture is a sparkling cocktail of time tested effects, with some of his own clever twists. He will cover the ins-and-outs of serving up a well-rounded stand up show program.  He provides you with a recipe of how to blend trick selection with audience engagement, levels of interest, and how to play the small stuff bigger. Scott tips some of his stand-up routines from his Standing Up On Stage Video Series featuring the Chop Cup, Invisible Deck, Ring Flight, and Cards Across.  He talks about the importance of opening strong and conveying your personality early with his hilarious Candle to Flower Routine.

Scott also teaches some close-up magic like his “Spitball Bullet Catch” and his handling and routine for “Card on Ceiling”. He covers his newest version of the “Russian Roulette” plot called “Nailed It”, and much, much more.  Scott talks about the importance of using music in your show and just how to do it effectively, and then shows you how to put together a stand-up program that is solid and well-structured to get you the maximum laughs and wows from your audience. This lecture has something for everyone!

What’s In This Lecture?

Candle to Flower - Scott’s Take on Roy Bensons “Oh, See the Pretty Thing.”

Chop Cup - The classic Chop cup with new moves and new ideas.

Invisible Deck - Scott’s routine which includes the surprise appearance of his wristwatch.

Card on Ceiling - A streamlined handling with new jokes and bits of business.

Spitball Bullet Catch - A close up version of the bullet catch perfect for table side entertainment

Rope Through Body - Scott’s take on the Bob Sheets Hang Em High with a surprise climax

Add-A-Number – A mentalism routine that conveys real psychic power with a cleverly designed gimmick that does all the work for you.

Color Monte Pro - Scott’s completely “sleight-free” handling of the classic Color Monte complete with a poetry patter that is charming and delightful.

Paper Tear - This is a very clean handling of the Leipzig Cigarette Paper Tear that leaves you clean as a whistle

Shoe Business - Scott’s super successful Comedy Drink in the Shoe routine you can make for pennies.

Egg Bag - The real work is tipped on the Malini Egg Bag with the addition of a surprise glass of liquid production at the end.

Super Fly - This is a hilarious and highly deceptive version of the Thought-of Cards Across routine.

The Needles - A super safe and easy to perform no tangle version of this classic effect.

Nailed It – Scott’s no fail, no risk version of the venerable Smash and Stab plot.

Testimonials--“Overall, if you want to perform on stage, or are a seasoned pro you will get A LOT of material and information. Thank you Scott for sharing your material with us.”--Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine.  "Whew, a lot of great information and fantastic effects for you to use.  I think every magician should digest the material and put some of the information to work for them."--Marc DeSouza, M-U-M Magazine.  “A worker’s insights on the nuts and bolts of performing selected routines.  I was engaged in the performances and the teaching segments, and his character development segments inspired legitimate self-reflection."--Joe M. Turner, Genii Magazine.

Tickets are $20, and seating in order of reservation, so call today!


John Lovick will lecture here on Sunday, June 2--Details to Follow

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