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Every issue of Lloyd Jones' classic magic magazine! Over 450 effects! Nearly 800 pages of material! All 86 issues from 1943 to 1951. Contributors include Charlie Miller, Dr. Jaks, and other top names, a rich source of

The entire run of The Cardiste, a wonderful magazine from the 1950s, now on PDF on CD, along with thirty other effects by its editor, the legendary Rusduck (J. Russell Duck). The set includes material by Vernon, Elmsley,

The Gen magazine was published by Harry Stanley just after the war. The first issue came out in December 1945. The magazine was published for 26 years with 303 issues covering a total of 8,685 pages. Lewis Ganson, one of the greatest British magical wr

For the first time, the complete three-volume set of Ted Annemann’s Jinx Magazine is available on CD Rom. Every variety and type of magic is here. Ball Tricks, Bill Tricks, Billet Reading, Book Tests, Brain Tests, Cards and some of the most creative eff

English magic dealer and author Harry Leat didn't keep his opinions to himself. In his famed magazine Leat's Leaflet, now finally again available on our searchable CD, Leat blasted some of magic's icons: Houdini,

"Max Andrews Magic Magazine" ran in the UK from 1952 to 1956. This CD is complete with over 1400 pages with contributions from the likes of Billy McComb, Eddie Joseph, Richard Himber, Robert Harbin and many more.

The Magic Wand has been painstakingly scanned and put on three CD Roms and is supplied together with an introductory leaflet by Todd Karr. The Digital Magic Wand (which can be enjoyed on PC or Mac) has been long awaited and has taken many, many months of

The digital version of Pabular Magazine--long considered to be one of the finest magazines of close-up magic ever--is now, by arrangement with the original publisher Nick Bolton, available from Martin Breese. It was published by Nick Bolton with contribu

"The Digital Pentagram" (the book form of two years ago was an unauthorized edition) is 1311 searchable pages in a scanned form preserving the look of the magazine. It featured contributors like Elmsley, Kaps, Harbin, Walton, Marlo and many others. Both

Stephen Tucker was the publisher, editor, illustrator, and creative genius behind spell-Binder Magazine. It ran for three years and had 36 issues and 710 pages. On this CD-ROM you will find some of the finest close-up magic from Gordon Bruce, Jerry Sado

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