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From a blank deck a card is chosen and placed in the hands of a spectator. They are told to pick a card, and visualize the image flowing forth from their mind to the blank card in their hand. Slowly, Visually, face up, the image
Their SIGNED CARD appears in THEIR HANDS, warmly wrapped inside THEIR BILL. Card to Impossible Location is a classic and for good reason -- it is one of the strongest effects in all of card magic. From card to wallet, card-to envelope,
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The magician displays a pair of ordinary looking scissors, even using them to cut a piece of rope. Immediately, the scissors are handed to an assisting spectator who finds that the scissors have no blades at all. Very easy to handle and the prop quickly

High quality professional rope shears that easily cut through magician’s rope. No more fighting to cut rope on stage, these shears are stainless steel and manufactured by the makers of the Arrow Swiss Army Knife.

Used by all the top workers on stage today (a Michael Finney favorite!), theses are without a doubt the finest rope shears on the market…and the last pair you will EVER buy! Cuts rope like a hot kniefe through butter, and makes all others

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