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GAFFTASTIC is a collection of mind frying, easy card magic using special Gaff cards. All of the required gaff cards come free with the DVD. That's 13 cool gaffs printed by the USPCC! Presented by Liam Montier (the magical

ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE? Cameron Francis continues to confound the magic world with his unstoppable creativity and flair for unbelievably practical and visual close up magic. With SUDDEN IMPACT - he may just have outdone

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Francis, Cameron
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Cameron - you are nuts! You could have sold the effects one by one separately! (a technique Aldo has used for years) Very good my friend...The material is excellent!--Aldo Colombini. Cameron Francis (star of The Omega Mutation, Rehab, Red Hot Prediction, Twists & Turns, Fresh Mint, etc.) is BACK! And this time he is armed with GAFF CARDS! You want easy magic that will make your spectators eyes pop out…well, Killer Gaft HAS IT IN SPADES! (And Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds too!) Eleven routines, SIXTEEN Gaff cards (printed by the USPCC), over TWO HOURS of amazing magic. Contents include: Pipeline - 'Oil and Water' meets 'Travellers' meets EASY in this stunning three-way cardboard orgy. Tele-print - Send a spectators selection through two 'teleporters' ala 'The Fly', and then see what visual madness happens on the way back. Boxy - Want a dynamite 'card to box' that's high on impact but low on sleight of hand. WE GOT IT RIGHT HERE! If that's not enough, you will also learn the plural for 'shenanigans'. Side by Side - A great twist and commercial presentation on a classic effect where a double blank card prints to match a signed selection - one side at a time. Switch Jack - Perform a devastating routine with two selections that takes in sandwiches, transpositions and kickers aplenty. What the Blank - Slowly print duplicates of three selections in a clean and visual manner, and then shock them with the kicker, which is more shocking than a shocking thing with extra spicy shockers. The Following - Sure to be a favorite from the set, this awesome effect sees three Jacks visually vanishing to appear with the leader not one but TWICE. Washout - Use a small packet triumph to reveal a selected card, which is just odd, considering that the other cards never even existed. Paan - So called because it hits with the impact of a frying pan! An EASY, clean and novel take on the legendary Card At Any Number, you will love this. With tongues. Do the Wave! - A fresh and exciting new twist on B'Wave that can sit in your wallet, ready anytime. This one is a KEEPER. Halfusion - This is a rare and exotic blend of card plots, mixing torn and restored card, some kind of card-warp awesomeness, and then an Anniversary Waltz piece of lovely for an ending NOBODY saw coming. The Flying Four - What starts as a transposition between four signed Queens and four blank cards ends as an ASTONISHINGLY clean 'cards to pocket' routine with no palming related shenanigans. But there's more - included free on Killer Gaft is 'Sleight School'. Cameron takes you through EIGHTEEN different magical sleights. This is like ninja school (if magic was martial arts and Cameron was a ninja, which it isn't and he isn't - but you know what we mean). Learn - Double Lift, Elmsley Count, Touch Force, Tilt, Jordan Count, Hammon Count, Vernon Substitute Transfer, Flushtration Count, Mercury Card Fold, Diminishing Lift, Diminishing Count, Braue Reversal, Thru The Fist Flourish, Erdnase Colour Change, Atfus, Twirl Change, Paddle Move, Alignment Move and more!
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Cameron - you are nuts!  You could have sold the effects one by one separately!  (a technique Aldo has used for years) Very good my friend...The material is excellent!--Aldo Colombini.  Cameron Francis (star of The
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