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Pictures of five bathing beauties are shown. After being mixed, a spectator selects one of them. Surprisingly enough, and despite a very fair selection process, the spectator's dream date turns out to be an old

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Akkelian, Bedros
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The Art of Attraction is the division of Social Magic that concentrates on interactions between men and women. These are the REAL secrets of using your magic to really create a strong sense of attraction. DISC ONE--In the First disc, Spidey (Sociology major and social magician) is joined by Human relations expert, Yasmine B, to go over the entire social interactive part of The Art of Attraction. This has very little to do with applied magic, it is a step by step method that combines sociology, psychology, and hypnotic technique. You will learn everything you need to know from starting a conversation, to creating rapport, to increasing connection and everything else needed for successful interaction with women. Spidey's method and interactive techniques have helped men all over the world improve the quality of their interactions with women, for years. Now, for the first time on DVD he will go through the entire method, one step at a time. DISC TWO--Here you will learn 10 magic/mentalism tricks specially designed for specific moments in the interaction that well help you accelerate the attraction process. These tricks use language patterns and emotionally compelling presentation designed to appeal to women on a very subconscious level. Most of them are VERY easy to master and all are explained in detail. Tricks include: Kiss--a highly emotionally appealing trick that will get you a kiss every time, no chance of failure. Star-Crossed--why ask for her number if you can prove to her that you knew all along? This is one of Spidey's original routines that will allow you to predict her phone number, then make yours appear, on the SAME CARD! Drink Up--Imagine predicting the drink or meal that she will order in one of the cleanest methods ever devised! This one is a killer! The Wall--An anytime anywhere trick that will reach out to her most subconscious emotions using an NLP technique known to very few people. If Don Juan could learn one magic trick this would be the one. 21 questions--Show her how you can know exactly what she's thinking and find out anything you want to about her. How? Simple...just ask! Love story--Get your sponge balls out of your bottom drawer and back in your pocket, this practical routine will leave them wanting more...every time! And many more... TESTIMONIALS: "The tricks in this DVD are absolutely AMAZING, but just like the girls; Spidey will teach you how to pick them up really fast!"--Pierre-Luc Bergeron. "When I met Spidey I found him to be extremely engaging and personable. He has an ease about him and a natural way of including everyone into his energy. I got the sense that he is genuine in his desire to help men improve their interactions with women. And he has a way of describing things in a new way that allow him to do exactly that."--Zan Perrion, Enlightened Seduction, featured in an entire chapter in the best selling book "The Game". "Spidey's a REAL charming F***, he reminds me of my son!"--Steve P, Sensual Awakening, Dating/relationship Guru, featured in "The Game". "Oh I think most guys would KILL to have this kind of power!"--Penny Pasdermajian, Masters of Sociology. "I met this guy through a friend once and after talking with him I fell in love! I wish all guys were as smart as he is when it comes to girls. If his charming characteristic wasn't enough, his magic tricks were crazy! He is just so talented - he definitely left me wanting more!"--Jessica Anonymous. " The Art of Attraction is more than just about picking up girls; it's about building deep connections that will last. Do yourself a favor and learn this method! It will change your life!" Disc One running time approximately 1 hour 51 minutes. Disc Two running time approximately 1 hour 39 minutes.

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The Art of Attraction is the division of Social Magic that concentrates on interactions between men and women.  These are the REAL secrets of using your magic to really create a strong sense of attraction.  DISC ONE--In the First disc,
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