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Prior to recording this excellent lecture, Al Schneider presented a workshop for a group of 40 magicians. To those in the know, the name "Al Schneider" is so powerful that the workshop could have been sold twice, yet was only advertised

The goal for these experiments was to push the envelope of existing Linking Rings technology far beyond its normal limits. We believe these goals have been realized in the Quantum Rings project. You'll find two Linking Ring

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Schneider, Al
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In the world of magic literature, where there's an overabundance of the ordinary, every so often, a book comes along that clearly stands out from the rehashed and recycled norm. A book that, even on casual perusal, demands to be studied for a lifetime. A book that represents the life's work of one of magic's most gifted artists. It's a rare occurrence when a magic book of such high caliber is produced, but at long last, the wait is over. It's time for Al Schneider Magic. Al Schneider's place in magic history would be secure if the now-classic "Matrix" effect was all he ever created but, as it turns out, "Matrix" was merely the tip of the iceberg. Al Schneider has devoted his life to not only creating great magic but in uncovering exactly what it is that makes magic effective for audiences and it's that analytical approach to creating powerful magic that informs all of the effects taught in this landmark work. Al Schneider Magic secures his reputation as not only one of magic's great creators but also as one of its great theoreticians. There are tricks with coins, cards, cups and balls, napkins, bracelets, finger rings, and more. One could easily build a complete close-up act from the material presented here. And, if you think you know what "Matrix" is all about, wait until you read the comprehensive treatment of the effect that you'll find in this book, including a discussion about its complete history, the philosophy of the effect, its many variations, and more...and all from its creator. In a day and age when single-trick DVDs can cost $30.00 or more, you'll find more magical value in this book than perhaps any other single investment you've ever made in magic. It may be that Al Schneider said it best. When asked to summarize the value he believed Al Schneider Magic held, he simply said, "You are guaranteed to get something from this book that you will use for the rest of your life. What is that worth?" Hard cover binding, full-color dust jacket. Al Schneider Magic Table of Contents: Introduction, Part 1: Some Magic Theory, Chapter 1: The Five Steps of Deception, Chapter 2: Intention of Reality, Chapter 3: Intention of Magic Chapter 4: Five Steps to Mastery, and Chapter 5: An Important Philosophical Thought. Part 2: Moves, Chapter 6: Coin Moves, and Chapter 7: Cup and Ball Moves. Part 3: Applied Theory and Chapter 8: Expansion of Texture. Part 4: Quick Tricks, Chapter 9: Ring and Pencil, Chapter 10: With One Hand, Chapter 11: Vanishing Card, Chapter 12: Sly Napkins, Chapter 13: Vanishing Saltshaker, Chapter 14: Ring Gag, and Chapter 15: Split Silver. Part 5: Wings of Metal, Chapter 16: Classic Coins Across HPC, Chapter 17: Beyond a Shadow of Doubt, Chapter 18: Beyond a Shadow of Doubt for Real, Chapter 19: Special Export, Chapter 20: Special Export Plus, Chapter 21: Junior Cross Cards, Chapter 22: Classic Cross Cards, Chapter 23: Flick Cross Cards, and Chapter 24: One Half Gone. Part 6: Cards, Chapter 25: Spread the Joy, Chapter 26: Card to Card Case, Chapter 27: Face to Face Aces, Chapter 28: Universal Card, Chapter 29: Insurance Policy, Chapter 30: Marked Deck, Chapter 31: Snake Basket, and Chapter 32: Card Wipe. Part 7: My Best, Chapter 33: Classic Matrix, Chapter 34: Stargate, Chapter 35: Halo, Chapter 36: Cone-n-Coin, Chapter 37: Osmosis, and Chapter 38: LA Street Cups.
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In the world of magic literature, where there's an overabundance of the ordinary, every so often, a book comes along that clearly stands out from the rehashed and recycled norm.  A book that, even on casual perusal, demands to be
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