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George Joseph is an authority on gaming protection and cheating. He has served as director of surveillance for Bally, Paris, Aladdin and Dunes casinos in Las Vegas. He is currently the president of Worldwide Casino

The 'Any Card at Any Number' plot is one of the premier and most complex plots in all of card magic. Every aspect of this plot intrigues me. I was naturally drawn to it, much like I was drawn to the Barehanded Matrix" plot. Both

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Born, John B.
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All in? Think again... Have you ever sat against a monster bet wishing that you knew what was coming on the river? Wonder if this is even possible? Over the years, hustlers and card mechanics have developed hundreds of techniques to create a poker environment where even sharks become prey. Cheating does occur, and the serious player's best protection against it is to understand how it works. Whether you are simply curious, an avid card player, or someone interested in dabbling in the darker side of poker, Cheating At Texas Hold'em will be one of the most interesting and enlightening contributions to your game. In these pages you will encounter an unprecedented collection of research and innovation - a comprehensive project exploring the true threats specific to the modern texas hold'em table. Join sleight-of-hand/gambling expert John B. Born as he details exactly how cheating works, how to detect it, and how to prevent it. Cheating At Texas Hold'em pushes far beyond the basics, featuring many progressive cheating techniques and scams that have never seen print. Along with these, you will find modern applications and insights into the more familiar approaches (published as early as the 15th century) that have held their place in the cardsharp's repertoire. Cheating At Texas Hold'em is a must have for the serious poker player. For less than it costs to play one hand, you can ensure a fair game by knowing what they know. Just a few of the topics include: Types of Pre-Marked Cards, Marking Cards During Play, Crooked Shuffles and Cuts, Switching Cards in Play, Memorized Slug Tactics, Killing Cards / Partner Applications, How to "Undo" the Final Cut, Distractions at the Card Table, Advanced Cold Deck Strategies, Bots and Database Applications, Peeking/Flashing Community Cards, Choreographed Cheating Sequences, Original Approaches and Techniques, Crooked Dealing, Playing the Light, Stacking the Deck, Pulling the Plug, Account Hacking, Partner Strategies, Psychological Ploys, Shuffle Tracking, Cheating with Chips, Substituting Cards, Betting Strategies, Signaling Systems, and Proper Procedures. "Without a doubt it is one of the best books ever written about cheating at poker. It is a book that every poker player and magician should have in their library"--Sal Piacente (Gambling Expert / Casino Consultant). "First glance showed that not only had a great deal of research been done, but that John has some cunning and extremely original ideas specific to Texas Hold'em. At a further glance, I was pleased to find it was a wonderful read - a real bible of not only how to cheat, but also sage advice on what to look for to avoid being cheated!"--Simon Lovell (Author of How to Cheat At Everything). "Through the years, there has been only a few high quality books written on cheating at poker. John has published what will be considered a landmark on the subject of Cheating at Texas Hold'em."--Jeff Spiller (Casino Consultant). "Finally a book about card cheating written so non-cheaters can easily learn, understand and protect themselves. Full of the latest secrets on how to cheat at Poker. A terrific book, highly recommended."--Meir Yedid (CEO of Gambling Incorporated). "John has compiled a truly impressive collection of cheating strategies. What I found most fascinating is the new and original developments for Hold'em and even online poker games. We're lucky he's on our side!"--Joshua Jay. "An encyclopedic masterwork. Its depth and scholarship merits a PHD in card table connivery."--Dr. Ken Krenzel. "I really like this book! If you play Texas Hold'em and you're interested in learning how unscrupulous scoundrels can sneakily separate you from your hard-earned green, the implied odds dictate that you buy this book. Highly recommended."--Tom Frame. Pages: 560 - 6" x 9" - Hardcover - Over 1300 photos.
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All in?  Think again... Have you ever sat against a monster bet wishing that you knew what was coming on the river?  Wonder if this is even possible?  Over the years, hustlers and card mechanics have developed hundreds of
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