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Best of Belcher contains wonderful stand-up material for family performers. Many of the effects and routines give direction on how to perform the effects for strong audience reactions. A fantastic resource for stand-up entertainers.

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This set is a $1,2500.00 value!!! The I.M.S. Best of the Best Series features I.M.S. members from around the world, who want to share with you their best trick or routine. On each video, you will meet a wide variety of magicians who will show and teach you their favorite magic. This is an excellent value, as you have the opportunity to see each magicians style of presentation and be entertained by their unique personalities. Just to give you an idea of what you're getting, here is a short description of some of what's on this set: F.I.S.M. winner Tabary, on Volumes 9 and 10, teaches you his F.I.S.M. winning rope act, as well as other great rope routines. F.I.S.M. winner Lennart Green, on Volumes 6, 7, and 8, teaches you the ultimate card magic. This will take your card magic to the next level and beyond. Bill Malone, who highlighted the cover of Magic Magazine multiple times, on Volumes 1, 2, and 3, shares with you his favorite card tricks, moves, and sleights, as well as good sound advice on making your card magic look professional. Paul Gertner was the first magician to win the $10,000 competition prize in Las Vegas. He's also one of America's top corporate magicians, earning more than $5000 per show. He shares with you his amazing and mind-boggling visual magic on Volumes 4 and 5. Aldo Colombini is an international celebrity in magic. He shares with you his pet card and rope routines that have taken him all over the world. In between showing and teaching tricks, he cracks many jokes and one-liners which are perfect for magic; on Volumes 14 and 15. Rich Marotta is one of the best comedy magicians working today. He generously shares his favorite comedy magic on Volumes 21 and 22. He also shares with you his philosophies about what makes a comedy magician and the real work of comedy magic. David Stone is an extremely talented young magician from France. Because of his unique talents and innovative techniques, he has gained worldwide attention. He shares with you many of his unique and clever routines and techniques on Volumes 11, 12 and 13. His bare hand wine bottle production is worth the price of the entire course. Dirk Losander is the master of levitations and suspensions. And we were extremely lucky to get him to share his magic with the members of the IMS on Volumes 19 and 20. Paul Wilson is one of the most brilliant magical minds ever to come from Scotland. His magic is incredible and well thought out. He shares his amazing magic with you step-by-step on Volumes 16, 17 and 18. Tony Hassini, yours truly, is on Volume 24 with the One-Man Mental Act. I share with you an incredible mental act. Let me give you some examples of what I will be teaching you. How's this for starters? Show 16 photographs to the audience. Members of the audience mentally select any of the photographs. The mentalist, with 100% accuracy, tells each person which photograph he/she selected. My friends, this one trick alone is worth the price of the entire set. I don't want to sound like I'm blowing my own horn, but here's another one. A member of the audience freely selects an ESP card from an ESP deck. Immediately afterwards, the image of the ESP card is imprinted in the spectator's palm. Here's another one. The mentalist shows several pages of newspapers, as well as a prediction in a sealed envelope. The envelope is in full view. The spectator takes a sharp needle and sticks it through anywhere on the newspaper. The word or sentence next to the needle is found on the prediction in the sealed envelope. Shall I go on? How about this one? The spectator shuffles four ESP cards. The mentalist shuffles four matching ESP cards. One at a time, the spectator freely places his ESP cards next to the mentalist's ESP cards. Lo and behold, they perfectly match, four out of four. This trick is 100% accurate, works every time, and never fails. This is a reputation-maker. And there's still more. Don't miss out on my One-Man Mental Act on Volume 24. How many restaurant magicians do we know that has a 3-year contract with a five-star restaurant in a Hilton Hotel? Well, I can tell you that John Caluwaert may be the only one with such credentials. On volumes 31 and 32, John graciously shares with you some of the best restaurant magic in two complete acts. He shares with you how to approach a table, how to handle the clientele, and how to get the customers to come back again and again. In addition to being an excellent restaurant magician, John Caluwaert is one of the top entertainment lawyers in the United States. Don't miss out on his restaurant magic volumes. (Great stuff!) Steve Rodman is the founder of Magic On Manhattan, the largest magic convention in New York City. Steve Rodman is also the president of an entertainment corporation here in New York. His magic is common sense and real down to earth entertainment. He shares with you his favorite tricks and routines. He's well-known for routining tricks to create a show. And he'll also share with you tips and advice on how to routine your magic on Volume 23. Criss Angel is one of the brightest up-and-coming names in magic. He recently had his own TV series, as well as two television specials, his own magic show on Broadway in New York City, and a Las Vegas show in which he stars. He shares with you how to be original and different, as well as how to make your magic stand out. Rocco is one of the most fertile and creative minds in magic today. Because of his enormous repertoire and knowledge of magic, we were able to create six volumes jam-packed with original and visual magic. On volumes 48, 49 and 50, he shares with you the magic and ideas that have made him one of the greatest names in magic. There is a lot more magic on the other volumes of this set, which we've run out of space to describe. If you're familiar with the IMS videos, you know that we use the finest broadcast cameras and editing to bring you the highest quality magic teaching videos. Contents: Disk 1--Volume 1: Card Magic 1, by Bill Malone, Volume 2: Card Magic 2, by Bill Malone, Volume 3: Card Magic 3, by Bill Malone,Volume 4: The Magic of Paul Gertner 1, and Volume 5: The Magic of Paul Gertner 2. Disk 2--Volume 6: Advanced Card Magic 1, by Lennart Green, Volume 7: Advanced Card Magic 2, by Lennart Green, Volume 8: Advanced Card Magic 3, by Lennart Green, Volume 9: Rope Magic 1, by Tabary, and Volume 10: Rope Magic 2, by Tabary. Disk 3--Volume 11: The Magic of David Stone 1, Volume 12: The Magic of David Stone 2, Volume 13: The Magic of David Stone 3, Volume 14: Card & Rope Magic 1, by Aldo Colombini, and Volume 15: Card & Rope Magic 2, by Aldo Colombini. Disk 4--Volume 16: The Magic of Paul Wilson 1, Volume 17: The Magic of Paul Wilson 2, Volume 18: The Magic of Paul Wilson 3, Volume 19: Magical Levitations 1, by Dirk Losander and Volume 20: Magical Levitations 2, by Dirk Losander. Disk 5--Volume 21: Comedy Stand-Up Magic, by Rich Marotta, Volume 22: Comedy Close-Up Magic, by Rich Marotta, Volume 23: Routined Close-Up Magic, by Steve Rodman, Volume 24: One-Man Mental Act, by Tony Hassini, and Volume 25: On Magic, by Criss Angel. Disk 6--Volume 26: Coin Magic, by Rocco, Volume 27: Card Manipulations, by Rocco, Volume 28: Parlor Magic, by Rocco, Volume 29: The Legendary Frank Brents, and Volume 30: The Legendary Karrell Fox. Disk 7--Volume 31: Restaurant Magic 1, by John Caluwaert, Volume 32: Restaurant Magic 2, by John Caluwaert, Volume 33: Chuck Fayne, Harry Lorayne, Dean Dill, and Jay Marshall, Volume 34: Paul Daniels, Dan Flechman, and Bobby Baxter, Volume 35: Manipulative Magic, by Gary Darwin. Disk 8--Volume 36: Lou Neporent, Ali Bongo, and Bob Little, Volume 37: Self-Working Card Tricks, by Lou Lancaster, Volume 38: Tricks With A Storyline, by Lou Lancaster, Volume 39: The Magic of Tom Piccard, andVolume 40: Frank Brents, Michael Chaut, and Tom Piccard. Disk 9--Volume 41: Classics of Magic, by Lou Neporent, Volume 42: Impromptu Card Magic, by Max Toth Volume 43: The Magic of Robin Channing 1, Volume 44: The Magic of Robin Channing 2, andVolume 45: Rubber Band Magic, by Joe Rindfleisch. Disk 10--Volume 46: Bob Cooney, Polaris, Richard Pretare, Bobby Baxter, & Joseph Sheik, Volume 47: Jerry Foster & The IMS Members of Russia, Volume 48: TV Magic 1, by Rocco, Volume 49: TV Magic 2, by Rocco, and Volume 50: TV Magic 3, by Rocco.
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This set is a $1,2500.00 value!!!  The I.M.S. Best of the Best Series features I.M.S. members from around the world, who want to share with you their best trick or routine.  On each video, you will meet a wide variety of
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