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The classic Rub-a-Dub Card Vanish was invented by Charlie Miller, and it is a move attempted by many but mastered by few. Glenn Morphew not only does the move better than nearly every magician on the scene, but he has a radical

Glenn is a professional magician from the Chicago area who loves what he does and the time and effort he puts into his routines really shows. His material is very practical, very magical, and most importantly,

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Morphew, Glenn
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Actually, nine of them-and all workers! Contents include: Easy Elevat--as the name implies, this is a very easy to do elevator effect with an Ace, 2 and 3. It's squeaky clean and it plays well. Quick Coincidence--Glenn's take on Allan Ackerman's "Another Quick Coincidence." Allan performs this from a shuffled deck in use and uses whatever 4 of a kind is most convenient for him. Glenn uses this as an opener, so he always uses the 4 aces. This is a nice trick to build rapport and get the four Aces in play. Very minimal setup and not difficult to perform. I only Do Ace Tricks--A spectator names any four of a kind for you to do a trick with. After you have their named four of a kind on the table, you confess you don't really know any tricks with that four of a you visually change their four of a kind into the four aces. Visual, not difficult and this trick always gets a good response. 4 Cards From Four Pockets--Glenn normally follows the above trick by immediately removing the four of a kind they named in "I Only Do Ace Tricks" from 4 different pockets although this trick can be performed as a stand alone 4 signed cards from four different pockets as well. The method is more clever than difficult but it does require 2 palms. Both palms are done on the off beat and under strong misdirection so they are never suspected. Intermediate skill level. This trick is an improved/easier handling of a Larry Jennings effect called 4 Cards to Pockets. The Moveless Miracle--A great trick created by Daryl. Daryl was kind enough to give Glenn permission to teach his hands off miracle. This is a very easy trick to perform and it really is a Moveless Miracle. Biddle Trick-Glenn's handling and presentation for the Biddle Trick. This is an excellent trick to have in your arsenal because there is no set up and no table is needed. Great walk around trick. Easy/Intermediate skill level. This workhorse always gets a good reaction. For Bob--A very nice 3 phase trick that uses the Rub-a-dub Deluxe and some of its variations. This trick has some pretty amazing and visual magic. First, the selected card's back changes color. Then the card is signed. The signed card vanishes from under your hand and jumps to your left rear pocket. Finally, you trap the card face up under your hand and press their card through the table. This trick involves a variety of original sleights and is a more advanced routine. Face Up Transposition--A signed card is placed in your left rear pocket. Another signed card is put face up under your hand. You rub the card under your hand in a counter clockwise direction to reveal the card has changed into the card you just put in your pocket. You then cleanly remove the card they just saw under your hand from your pocket. This trick uses original sleights and requires a more advanced skill set but all the necessary sleights are clearly explained. Déjà vu--Glenn's handling and some touches on Carl Andrews' excellent trick by the same title. This trick makes use of the paper clipped idea popularized by Jay Sankey. In this trick, the paper clipped card is blue and the deck and the signed card are red. After performing an in the hands triumph with their signed red card, you reveal the blue backed paper clipped card on the table all along is signed identical to the red card they just signed. Glenn actually made this a little more difficult than Carl's version but feels the extra magical moments created justify the extra work. This trick is in the intermediate to advanced range. This is a great trick!
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Actually, nine of them-and all workers!  Contents include: Easy Elevat--as the name implies, this is a very easy to do elevator effect with an Ace, 2 and 3.  It's squeaky clean and it plays well.  Quick Coincidence--Glenn's
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