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Per Eugene's wishes, Larry has held onto this goldmine and it is now ready to be shared with the world. Full of Eugene's unpublished material with over 15 parlor, stage and spirit theater routines. Included is his Spirit Slates and

Eugene Burger's 134-Page, "series of evocative essays" that he hopes will, "challenge you, cause you to stop and reflect upon your own magic, inspire you to practice and rehearse, and, in the process, improve your own close-up magic performances." Conten

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Burger, Eugene
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The Chicago Tapes by Eugene Burger is actually a set of 3 DVD's (Eugene Goes Bizarre, Gourmet Close-Up Magic, and Real Secrets of Close-Up Magic) and one explanation booklet. This incredible collection features an in depth look into the routines, effects, and even the life of Eugene Burger. This collection is truly a must have! Eugene Goes Bizarre--Join Eugene Burger and his friends Tony Andruzzi and Jay Inglee as they explore the strange world of Bizarre Magic. This 90-minute DVD features performances, interviews, and teaching segments, plus an afternoon with a Magician, a 14-minute video produced by Michael Caplan in 1988 in which Eugene takes you to his favorite Chicago cemetery to discuss his philosophy of magic. Among the performances, you'll see Eugene's Retribution, a chilling new presentation of an ancient rite. You'll experience Jay Inglee's mysterious Book of Ghosts and take a visit to the unusual home of Tony Andruzzi. In addition, Eugene Burger conducts an in-depth teaching session on the classic Haunted Pack, explaining all the subtle details and important secrets. So lock the doors, turn out the lights, and prepare yourself for Eugene Goes Bizarre. Next, in Gourmet Close-Up Magic you’ll see Eugene in action, just as if you were to visit the famous Biggs restaurant in Chicago. Watch him perform three shows: Working behind the bar, seated at a dinner table, and doing stand-up walk-around in the lounge. You'll see the magic that has brought him international acclaim, including his Three Card Monte, Allerton’s Aspirin Box, Thought Sender, Voodoo, and much more! Then spend some time with Eugene as he teaches you three of his great professional presentations with in-depth explanations. Learn his mind-blowing version of the Mullica Wallet along with David Parr's devious handling; Matt Schulien's knockout Signed Card Under the Tablecloth; and Shotglass Surprise, an unbelievable production of a glass of liquid from a folded paper bag! Eugene teaches you all the important tips and psychology for actual performance. Finally, David Parr interviews Eugene about his experiences performing in restaurants. They discuss how to solve the awkward moment of approaching customers cold, how to handle repeat customers, dealing with rips, and closing the show. The third disc is Real Secrets of Close-Up Magic. In this 70-minute DVD, Eugene Burger looks beyond tricks to explore the process by which we learn to perform magic. These Real Secrets are illustrated with sure-fire routines taken from Eugene's own professional repertoire. You'll learn: A terrific version of Cutting The Aces in which the spectator finds the last Ace by cutting the deck and spelling his own name, The World’s Fastest Card Trick (Eugene's favorite!), the full work on making cigarettes disappear (two different methods, for every performance condition), an old carnival game (Eugene's version of the classic glass under the newspaper), the Acrobatic Matchbox (it stands up, opens itself, and gets handed out for examination), the Three Coin Mystery (a surprising vanish and a delightful example of commercial close-up routining), and a special bonus: Eugene discusses Al Baker's Impossible Card Force (one of the most deceptive card forces of all time.) Here is your opportunity to learn the Real Secrets of great magic--and to experience a teacher who will stimulate you to think about your magic in new and creative was. In addition, you receive Chicago Visions. This incredible little booklet holds all the secrets behind the Chicago Tapes. Inside the booklet, Eugene is interviewed by some of today’s best magicians about each one of the DVD's. Eugene shares everything from the conception of the routines, to the execution of the effects. This rare look into the mind of the magician is a perfect companion to the DVD set!
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The Chicago Tapes by Eugene Burger is actually a set of 3 DVD's (Eugene Goes Bizarre, Gourmet Close-Up Magic, and Real Secrets of Close-Up Magic) and one explanation booklet.  This incredible collection features an in depth look into the routines, effects
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