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As a professional musician turned magician and author, Jonathan Friedman knows how to engage an audience and garner rave reviews. He's the winner of the 2015 Vanishing Inc "Trickie" Award for Best Magic Book, The 80's Called... They

Paul Harris is perhaps the single most creative force magic has ever had to offer. Known for his offbeat effects, natural presentation, and deceptive methods, Paul has been on the cutting edge of close-up

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Friedman, Jonathan
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Jonathan Friedman is as strong of a writer as he is a magician. And his background is an even split between magic and music. He has combined these passions for this sensational new book, The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: The Musical. Jonathan delivers 24 fully-fleshed out close-up routines using cards, coins, guitar picks (because of course), dollar bills, plastic bags, billets, and more. The material is all original and practical, making it suitable for modern close-up performers. Jonathan sees magic and the world through the prism of music, so his writing and theory is influenced heavily by the music and musical artists he loves. But you don't have to be a music lover to appreciate the creativity behind his magic. While some of the presentations are themed around music, the concepts and effects go way beyond that. You'll learn 24 effects, including: Edge: three guitar picks are balanced on top of each other in an impossible feat of skill. So Punk Rock: a multi-phased routine with the card box, including an amazing ending where a spectator's drawing vanishes from the back of a card and appears on the card box, underneath the cellophane. The Freshest Coin Transpo in the World: a two-phased copper/silver transpo where one coin is inserted in a plastic baggie. It's as original as it is practical. The Chewing Gum Incident of 2017: Some chewing gum and its paper wrapper go through a series of magical transpositions! Card Tricks Suck: an usual presentation for the Ambitious Card with a wild ending; the spectator's selection gets sucked up through a straw! In Clenched Fist: a four-phased coin through hand routine that all the cool kids, and magic rockstars, will end up doing. Friedman is a mix of Paul Harris, Allan Ackerman, Jay Sankey, and Elvis Costello rolled into one. The combination is a beautiful one, and the material itself is housed in a gorgeous, hardbound, full-color production numbering over 200 pages. Above all, The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: The Musical is a fun, funny read that will equip you with 24, practical close-up routines that are easy to do and high on impact. 206 pages, full-color hardback. Each copy comes with a custom, signed guitar pick. "This book ROCKS! From balancing three guitar picks on their edges to making coins travel in and out of a clear baggie, it's packed with memorable hooks and innovative ideas. Friedman guides you with a refreshing blend of humor and expertise."--John Guastaferro. "Incredible job Jonathan Friedman and Vanishing Inc. really enjoying the book so far. Loving Bad Band Tattoo and Mr. Smiley Thumb. also the Torn and Restored Hall and Oates one! So many creative ideas."--Bro Gilbert. "Congratulations! It's bloody great!"--Paul Romhany. "It reminds me of the days of getting the Paul Harris books in the mail. Seeing the weird pics and wondering, 'What is that??'. I can't wait to do some of the these things. To me, best book of the year".--Joel Givens. "Jonathan Friedman absolutely made my week inspiring with this damn new book! I've never done magic with guitar picks, a reason to play air guitar too! Chopsticks, straws, everyday objects and a deep love for rock and roll!!! It's so refreshing to read about a person who combines his passions into his magic. I never write posts like this, but I wanted any magic friends who haven't picked this up yet to rock this out! It's full of innovative ideas."--Mario The Maker Magician . "Jonathan's new book "The Musical" is high-quality in printing and material. Reading Jonathan's work is a wonderful creative boost. he tackles a wide range of plots in a unique way, which is refreshing."--Ryan Schlutz. "What a beautiful book! So well produced. If you love magic or music, or the combination of the two, this is a must have!"-Titanas. "While reading through his new book The Magic of Jonathan Friedman The Musical I seriously smiled a lot and even laughed out loud like a crazy person a few times. Not only is it full of great material but it's such a joy to read. You really should buy it."--Brent Braun.

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Jonathan Friedman is as strong of a writer as he is a magician.  And his background is an even split between magic and music.  He has combined these passions for this sensational new book, The Magic of Jonathan Friedman: The
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