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The Encyclopedia of Rubber Band Magic is here! Written by Peter Pan the Magic Man (Shari Lewis' father) and profusely illustrated by Ed Mishell. Learn dozens of slick tricks using standard rubber

Solid through solid. Visually. At fingertips. "You should be burned at the stake. This is too good!"--Michael Ammar. A plot that stood the test of time is now revisited to bring you unparalleled freedom. John Stessel's LinXus

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Rindfleisch, Joe
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Magic performed with rubber bands has grown in popularity with close-up magicians in recent years mostly because it encompasses all of the elements that make for effective close-up magic. The effects are easy to understand, highly visual, very magical and are done with everyday objects that everyone is familiar with. Joe Rindfleisch has taken rubber band magic to an entirely new level and on this DVD, you’ll see effects that will fool even experienced band workers. Besides the usual penetrations and broken band restorations (and Joe has some groundbreaking work on those, also!), you’ll watch (and later, learn) effects with rubber bands that have appeared nowhere else in the literature of magic aside from Joe’s work. What’s more, the effects are grouped in performance sets, allowing you, once mastered, to perform mini-acts of rubber band wizardry. Learn rubber band magic from the man who wrote the book (Elastrix Vol. 2--The Encyclopedia of Rubber Band Magic was actually written by Stephen Minch and featured Joe Rindfleisch’s original creations). These aren’t your father’s tricks with rubber bands. This is rubber band magic--to the extreme! ACT 1: SPAGHETTI UP NOSE FLURRY--An eye-popping opening gambit as a rubber band is visibly sniffed up into the performer’s nose, removed from the mouth, snapped into the ear, only to be taken from the mouth again! B.A.R. BAND--Joe’s revolutionary new take on the broken and restored rubber band. Truly magical! RETENTION JUMP--Don’t blink or you’ll miss the moment when a rubber band jumps from around the fingers of one hand and is found to be wrapped around the fingers of the other. HAND JUMP--The next step in the evolution of Stanley Collins’ Jumping Rubber Band. ULTIMATE JUMP--A rubber band wrapped around two fingers jumps to another pair of fingers despite the fact that spectators are holding said fingers! STRETCHING IT--The performer wraps a rubber band around the fingers of one hand and with a tap, it visibly jumps onto the wrist--on the other arm! ACT 2: CRAZY PENETRATION--A rubber band penetrates through the performer’s thumb, not once but several times. This one has an ending not for the faint of heart! WHAT NOT--A completely different take on the classic Broken and Restored Rubber Band that is guaranteed to leave your audience scratching their heads. TELEKINESIS--Rubber bands around the performer’s wrist jump off seemingly by only the power of the mind. ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE--While two spectators each hold the performer’s first and fourth finger, a rubber band wrapped around one finger visibly jumps to the other. SIX STRAND--A variation of Dan Harlan’s neo-classic effect "Traveling Cash" but done with three bands! SMARTY PANS--Joe’s improvement on his own “PANS” broken and restored band methodology. The spectators actually see the broken ends of the band but it still magically restores itself! ACT 3: QUICK DROP REVERSE--A broken rubber band instantly restores while the spectator holds it at their fingertips! HOLLOW HAND--A rubber band visually penetrates straight through the performer’s hand. COLOR CHANGING BAND--A totally new plot in rubber band magic! A rubber band completely changes color in the performer’s hand and may be handed out immediately to the amazed spectators. INTERWEAVE--If you perform "Crazy Man’s Handcuffs" or "Linking Rubber Bands," you’ll love this! Two rubber bands, each a different color, penetrate straight through each other. PANS LINK--Still another use for Joe’s "PANS" technique as two solid rubber bands are magically linked. ACT 4: MEDUSA STARE--Another revolutionary plot as an ordinary rubber band is apparently turned to stone at the performer’s will. NO KNOT--A rubber band is unmistakably broken and tied together. The performer visibly pulls the knot off the band, restoring it to its pre-broken condition. THE RING--An optical illusion where your audience will swear they see parts of a rubber band disappearing right before their eyes. GRAND OPENING--This one isn’t an optical illusion as a stretched rubber band visibly opens and closes. FINGERTIP RESTORATION--A strand of rubber band is broken into two pieces and put back together right at the performer’s fingertips. EAT AWAY--A common laser pointer is used to dramatically break a rubber band. DELAYED SNAP--A broken and restored rubber band routine with no apparent set up or "get ready." You’ll love this--and use it all the time! ACT 5: RUBBER NECKING--The performer pulls a rubber band straight through his neck. JO-DAN LINK--Joe’s classic variation on Harlan’s "Linking Rubber Bands." REMOTE LINK--Two rubber bands are linked--while they’re in the spectator’s hands! ONE T(W)O ONE--A rubber band suddenly becomes two bands and just as suddenly becomes one again. Your spectators will be rubbing their eyes! ACT 6: NO WAY RESTORATION--A broken rubber band is restored right at the performer’s fingertips. BERMUDA VANISH--One of three rubber bands mysteriously vanishes though the spectators are holding two of the bands! FAST AND ROOSE--The old endless chain game, only done with a rubber band, and the spectator still has no chance of winning! INTERLACE VANISH--A rubber band vanishes from the performer’s hand and reappears just as mysteriously. SAFETY BAND--A micro-magic version of the classic ring and rope as a rubber band visibly penetrates onto and off of a common safety pin. (If you don't think that's Joe in the video...you're right! But it's all his material!)

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Magic performed with rubber bands has grown in popularity with close-up magicians in recent years mostly because it encompasses all of the elements that make for effective close-up magic.
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