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This book constitutes Jerry’s extraordinarily useful presentation of card routines and pertinent sleights “having common structural characteristics.” Despite the title, the routines Jerry includes are not just ones with small packets of cards. Many use

The GREAT packet tricks of Nick Trost. All the tricks require special cards (not supplied but easily obtainable) or simply duplicates of some cards. Contents: UN-CARDS: A beautiful prediction effect

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Colombini, Aldo
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Packet Tricks are one of the most interesting branches of card magic. Using only a small number of cards magic is created that is often easy to follow, visual and very magical. On this DVD Aldo Colombini presents fifteen packet trick routines that can be performed using a borrowed deck and at a moment's notice. Along the way he also teaches packet trick concepts and the many sleight-of-hand techniques that are regularly used when dealing with small packets of cards. Routines performed and explained: For Marlo (David Regal)--A selected card is placed face-up between four deuces. Magically it disappears from between the deuces and appears face-up among the four Queens which have been in clear sight the entire time. Oil & Queens (Roy Walton)--Four red cards and four black cards are mixed and as they are expected to separated into reds and blacks the blacks have risen to the top but the four reds have now changed into the four Queens. Shiftless Royalty (Robin Robertson)--The four Queens and Kings are alternated face up and face down. Impossibly they separate themselves while revealing a previously selected card face up between them. Masque Backwards (J. K. Hartman)--A Joker takes the identity of three different cards. As a kicker ending all the cards are shown to be jokers before turning back to their original identity. Curtain Call (Max Maven)--The Ace-2-3 of Hearts do impossible things as they intermingle with the four Jacks. The Ultimate Truth (Peter Duffie)--A lie detector made out of a small packet of cards finds a selected card. That's Not Possible (Paul Gordon)--Four Aces and four Kings are shown, mixed and split into two packets. All of a sudden one packed is seen to have the four kings while the other now has a Royal Flush in Spades. Oil And Water (Karl Fulves)--Five red and five black cards are cleanly and repeatedly alternated but continue to separate. Finally they are fairly separated but magically become intermixed. Stringray (Aldo Colombini)--Three selected cards surprisingly change places with three jacks that are sitting on the table or in a spectator's hand. Royal Rhumba (Jean Pierre Vallarino)--A beautiful and visual routine where Joker collection changes into a Royal Flush. Wallaby (Hiro Sakai)--Four Aces rise one at a time to the top of a four-card packet. As a finale all four rise to the top at once. French Twists (Richard Vollmer)--A multi-phase routine where the four aces turn face up and face down, singly and two at a time until they are all face up. As a finale the Aces turn face up in the deck after they are lost. Modena Aces (Aldo Colombini)--Four Kings vanish one at a time as they are placed into a four-card packet. Amazingly as the discarded cards are turned over they are seen to be the four Aces. Devil's Elevator (Bruce Cervon & Dai Vernon)--The 2-3-4-5 of hearts are placed into a four-card packet but continually jump to the top. Exit (Aldo Colombini)--Four red cards are placed on the table as four black cards are used for a twisting effect. Magically the four black cards change into reds and the red cards that were placed aside are now all black. Along with the routines you will learn important sleight-of-hand techniques such as: The Ascanio Spread, Braue Add-On, Charlier Shuffle, Criss-Cross Force, Elmsley Count, Hamman Count, Hypnotical Rhumba Count, Mirage Count, Rhythm Count, Veeser Concept and more. Running time: Approximately 100 minutes.

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Packet Tricks are one of the most interesting branches of card magic.  Using only a small number of cards magic is created that is often easy to follow, visual and very magical.  On this DVD Aldo Colombini presents fifteen
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