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The color and elastomeric design of this thumb looks so real you’d think we put a real person’s thumb in a clear plastic bag and are selling it! Give yourself a treat and use the best thumb tip ever made. 6" silk included!

This is one of the finest Finger Tip gimmicks that a magician can own. It is extremely realistic in appearance and will make the performance of your favorite "finger tip/thumb tip" effects much easier. Made of semi

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Darwin, Gary
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"Darwin has put more thought into the thumb tip than anyone else in the history of magic. He is truly the king of the thumb tip."--Lance Burton. This incredible new DVD set will give you dozens of original and unexpected effects that you can perform professionally. Plus, it'll give you a handful of effects that will fool even the most seasoned magicians. If you thought the thumb tip was just for vanishing handkerchiefs, get ready to feel like the cockroach Darwin brings back to life at dinner (Volume One). This is the ULTIMATE work on THE ULTIMATE UTILITY GIMMICK. The THUMB TIP is here like never before. These three DVDs will go down in history as proof that this is the most powerful tool in the magician's toolbox. Disc One: The History of the Thumb Tip--Who invented it? In what year? What effect was first performed with it? Techniques--The Tuck - Gary’s Theory on how to Vanish a Silk Hanky. The Push - Matches, Cigarettes, Coins, etc. The Pinch - Lance Burton’s ultimate variation on "Darwin’s Flick". The Finger Palm - When you’re not using the Thumb Tip. The Fitting of the Thumb Tip - All amateurs do it wrong. The Darwin Dump - Gary’s sure-fire out when someone challenges you. Effects--Cut and Restored Rope - Darwin’s simplified variation on the old classic. Swallowing Cigarette – An idea that goes way back, great for parties. Darwin’s Multiplying Hankies – An accidental invention. Salt Trick – The updated version with a special thanks to Lance and Siegfried. This routine is worth the price of the whole DVD. Great Finale for your act! Silk to Tube - Darwin's variation on an old P&L collectable. Dai Vernon’s Kicker – Vernon’s clever one-finger “move-less” tuck. Spoon Bending – Darwin's simple improvement allows you to easily bend spoons and keys. Darwin’s Linking Chain – Better than the Chinese Linking Rings, this is so good it's been sold as a stand-alone effect for years. Chop Cup – Darwin’s simplification that lets you do your chop routine with a regular cup! Cockroach Resurrection – Not the best dinner trick! (But, a great bar trick) Color Changing Hanky – Fielding West’s method, PLUS an alternate method. Torn and Restored Napkin – Darwin does it professionally. Great opener! Cigarette to Ice Cube – Another great one for a party! Paper Balls over the Head – Darwin’s touch on the classic effect. Miser’s Dream – Solari’s clever idea with a TT and a Jumbo Finale. Bonus: Vanishing Quarter - With a thumb tip it's instant gratification. Thumb Tips on Video Thumb Tip Related "Fakes" Disc Two: Effects--Restored Napkin - Also called "The Smoking Jacket", this old classic is very strong when you do it Darwin's way. Most people do it wrong! Large Napkin Vanish - Vanish items that would never fit in your Thumb Tip! Paper Clips - Bob Fenton's clever idea. Alternate Cut & Restored Rope - A hell of an idea that blows the magicians away. Butchers Cord - The cord restores in the spectator's hands! Very strong! Firecrackers - A neat little idea with an appearing string. Candy - If you work in a restaurant this simple little effect will double your tips. Vanishing Cigarette - This is strong stuff. Darwin’s reproduction is a KILLER. One of the top 5 things Darwin’s ever invented with the thumb tip. Vanishing King Sized Cigarette - The one that destroyed Johnny Thompson and it’s party ready. Broken Toothpick - Cute little effect for the dinner table. Flash Paper - Such an improvement on the old method. More flash! Escape from Handcuffs - Escape from any pair of handcuffs using a Thumb Tip! Cellophane to Crystal - Another great one for the table workers. Vanishing Thimble - Put this one in your thimble routine! Straw Production - Great little effect anytime you're sitting at the table Bank Night - It's BEST done with a Thumb Tip. Nuts & Bolts - Egor Polo’s brilliant little effect. Spikes through Thumb - Mini Illusion with a thumb tip and a black art secret. Bill Switch - One of the top five Thumb Tip Tricks explained in GREAT tremendous detail by special guest and Las Vegas pro Jeffrey Richards. Dollars to Quarters - A comedic trick with a great finish. Burnt & Restored Match - One of the highlights of the set. Bonus: Cigarette Tonguing, Cigarette Moves, Trick Tips - Darwin takes you on a quick tour. Everything from picking up a flame in your bare hands to a showgirl’s thumb tip. Tips of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Also Match Tricks, Thumb and Tip Packaging. Disc Three: Effects--Balanced Card – A tremendous effect and magician fooler. Gold Cord - Darwin sells this one separately. Very commercial. Sponge to Power Pad - This little idea gives you a great way to get your number to a girl. Sponge Balls--Color Changing Sponge Balls. Sponge Rabbits - Darwin’s funny finish to Robert Nelson’s classic effect. Candy Mentalism - Read people's mind with a thumb tip! Silk to Pocket - Darwin’s modernization of the old principle. Nickles to Dimes - Darwin’s startling climax improves on the old classic. Drop Dead - Your pulse stops at your command. Cigarette in Hanky - When you do it Darwin’s way you’re one step ahead. Center Tear - Mentalism effect and Darwin’s finish on the Invisible Deck. Burst & Restored Balloon - Strong Trick. Darwin invented this one over 25 years ago. Vanishing Silk Hanky - A wild concept! Vanish the Hanky in the spectator’s hand! Rubber Bands - A little mystery with a rubber band. Purse Frame - The thumb tip improves the old classic! One Handed Silk Production, Instant Breakfast - Fielding West loved it, and you will too. Expanded Hanky - Melvin Christopher and Hen Fetch Popper. Burnt & Restored Bill - Good trick, close-up or stage. This one gets more laughs. High Sodium Napkin - A new principle. Bonus: One Handed Coin Vanish, More Gimmicks, Literature, and Thumb Through Shirt. Total running time approximately 211 minutes.

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"Darwin has put more thought into the thumb tip than anyone else in the history of magic. He is truly the king of the thumb tip."--Lance Burton.  This incredible new DVD set will give you dozens of original and unexpected
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