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FINALLY legendary Scottish magician George McBride has made a DVD. And it's a scorcher. George is notorious among his fellow magicians as a cardman of devastating caliber. (Indeed, he is part of the

Once you watch this DVD, you'll understand why I believe George is among the best in the world.--Steve Friedberg. Scotland's own George McBride is widely known amongst the underground magic fraternity as a card handler of

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McBride, George
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Legendary Scottish magician George McBride has put down on film his very favourite handlings for some of magic's best-loved plots. Covering cards and coins, this is a veritable masterclass in magical excellence. The DVD features nine routines and a false cut. The Classics DVD features: Slow Motion Aces--The four aces are dealt to the table. Three indifferent cards are added to each ace. One by one the Aces leap from their individual packets to join the 'leader' Ace on the first packet. Ok - you might be familiar with this plot, but George's handling is a veritable FEAST of magic. You are learning sooooo much more than a routine. Master this and you'll be learning multiple palming, second dealing, the push off double deal, the pushoff move and the gamblers cop! Purse Frame Coin Production--A 'bagless' purse frame reveals itself it to be home to four coins. This routine will teach you move after move and is the PEFECT lead in to any four coin routine. Coins Across--One at a time four coins mysteriously travel from one hand to other. As the fourth coin appears to jump over, your audience will be left shellshocked when it transpires that the other three have rejoined their erstwhile colleague. 2 Card Transpo--An impromptu masterpiece. A borrowed, shuffled deck is taken and the top card displayed. It is cleanly cut, face-up, into the center of the deck. The bottom card is now shown. With nary a move the original top card is shown to be on the bottom of the deck, and the original bottom card is now face up in the center of the pack. Spellbound--A copper coin repeatedly turns silver and then back to copper. This is a beautiful routine, carried out at the fingertips, which ends clean and will leave your audience slack-jawed! The Bounce Change--A copper coin, displayed at the fingertips, is cleanly bounced from hand to hand. Apparently in mid-air it transforms into a silver coin!! This looks like REAL MAGIC. Coins to Glass--Four coins and a glass are displayed. One at a time the coins leap impossibly into the glass. This is pure visual magic and a masterclass in routining. Thinking of Koran--A genuinely unknown card is 'oh-so-fairly' lost in the deck. The magician can have NO IDEA what it is or where it is. Yet after simply weighing the deck for a second, he announces a number--the position the thought of card lies at in the deck. This is in the miracle class! Merlin's Lost Ace Trick--The four aces and twelve indifferent cards are cleanly displayed. The aces are dealt face down onto the table, and the spectator adds three indifferent cards to each ace. The spectator then chooses one of the packets. In a flash all four aces have jumped to the selected packet. George's Favourite False Cut--An amazing, full deck control false cut. It's easy, it's beautiful, and it will go straight into your repertoire. But let's make this clear--if you're watching George McBride The Classics, you're not just learning nine fantastic routines. You're getting expert tuition on moves and sleights like: Second Dealing, Push off Double Deal, Multiple Palming, Gamblers Cop, ER-Aced (Vernon), Top Card Cover Pass, Ovette/Kelly Master Move, and Double Deal (Merlin). Multiple Coin Vanishes & Moves including Pinch Steal (Baker), Coin Pass (Vernon), Revolving Coin Pass (Carney), Bounce Change (Dingle), Coin Vanish (Leipzig), and loads more! So you are not just learning another set of routines here--you are getting expert tuition in numerous sleights, the art of misdirection and audience management. This will really help you take your magic to an entirely new level. "Although I am not a DVD guy, this is one of the best teaching videos I have ever seen."--Larry Horowitz. "Having read and admired George McBride's material in places like Five Times Five Scotland, it is a real pleasure to see him in action. He is the Scottish Underground Man. There are several of his routines I'll be working on. His 'Twist Shift' and tips on the Second Deal alone are worth the price of the DVD."--Matt Field - Editor, The Magic Circular. "This is a must have video. I can hardly wait for George's second DVD."--Harvey Rosenthal. "I loved this collection and can hardly wait for more!"--Richard James, Connoisseur Conjuring Forum. Running time approximately 71 minutes.

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Legendary Scottish magician George McBride has put down on film his very favourite handlings for some of magic's best-loved plots.  Covering cards and coins, this is a veritable masterclass in magical excellence.  The DVD
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